About PractiTrain

The PractiTrain concept is fully focussed on transferring and implementing new ideas, skills and behavior into the daily routines of people.

Support your people to implement new skills

It is nice to spend several days with participants in a beautiful location, but it’s even more fun and valuable to help participants implement new concepts, skills and behaviors during the execution of their daily work.

The PractiTrain concept ensures that new concepts, skills and behavior taught in a classroom do not fully dissapear after 12 weeks. That’s a waste of time, money and energy… for you and for us.

The effect of regular classroom training

In our 10 years of experience as training and development professionals we always felt frustrated when we had to let go enthusiastic groups of participants after their 1–5 days classroom training program. They all left full of energy and with the will to use and implement what they learned during the program.

We became more and more aware that although we built excellent training content and instructions, we also discovered that almost all of the participants failed to consistently applying what they learned in training. And their company spend a lot of money in training programs, expecting to achieve lasting, measurable improvements in performance and positive impacts on business results. In the end, only a small percentage of the participants of training programs actually effectively changed their behavior.

The PractiTrain approach

You don’t learn swimming by just observing how others swim.

So, in our view, programs must be pragmatic and focussed on implementation of training content. In our approach, we want to incorporate training into the daily work of (y)our participants as much as possible. Learning on the job