iQoach France

Sales managers of UCB in France expressed a need to decrease the administrative burden of field coaching and create more understanding of the impact of their coaching. In 2012 they decided to start using iQoach as their preferred App in field coaching


Launch the iQoach app as coaching tool for the entire French sales organization. Together with the French sales managers a customized version of iQoach was developed, tested and approved in the field. Main objectives to use iQoach:

  • Save time in the administrative process after a coaching day (creating the coaching report)
  • Create more focus on specific learning/ coaching objectives during a coaching day


  • “Extremely simple to use”
  • “It helps me to focus on specific items during my fieldday”
  • “It saves a lot of time at the end of my field day”


  • Version 1.0 included the selling skills methodology and indicators the French sales organization uses
  • Version 2.0 includes additional elements as business acumen, marketing strategy & personal development

Target Audience

6 first line sales managers of the French organization and their teams of sales representatives


UCB France